Help, there's a stain on my leather product!

Once a colour (eg. denim) or stain has transferred to the leather, it becomes tricky to get out. To try and remove a stain, we recommend using only a slightly damp soft cloth first. If this does not remove the stain, then try using a very small amount of transparent natural leather wax. Be aware that this will darken the leather so you'll find you need to wax the complete product. If you're not sure then take your product to a cleaning specialist.

For footwear, if none of the above works then you could try following the instrucitons here (at your own risk):

Personally, we like the ageing process that each product goes through. It's part of the charm - the patina development from exposure to sunlight, colour transfer from your favourite jeans, scuffs and marks from use. It's what makes each product unique to you. It changes with your lifestyle (whether that be kept pristine or get beaten up with use) and we believe in embracing the change rather than fighting it.

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