Why is your veg tan Italian leather so good?

Our über premium vegetable tanned Tuscan leather softens and ages over time. Unlike chrome dyed leather, the influences of sun, oil and water develops a one of a kind patina on vegetable tanned leather. Every single hide of leather is laid out on a tanning table and the colour is applied by hand by two people using a special sponge. This process is time-intensive and a traditional technique that ensures the absolute best results.

The tables that are used to tan the leather are covered in the dye which picks up on the backside of the leather, this is a sign of the handmade process and we view it as a sign of how special our leather is rather than a defect or mistake. Equally conscious about the environment, It's vegetable tanned and hides are a by-product from the food industry. All waste gets re-purposed and recycled. Our goods are then made in a small workshop in Italy which is equally conscious about the environment.

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